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Anew is a Cincinnati based fashion company that focuses on sustainability and giving back. We love our earth and want to protect it in every way that we can. That is why our first mission is to be sustainable and create little to no waste. All of the clothing we sell is second-hand, meaning it already exist on the planet. We choose not to use new materials, so that we actively cut down on the amount of clothing being produced and discarded into the landfill. This also allows us to directly save unwanted clothes from going into the landfill and create them into clothing pieces people will want! We also do not make clothes for trends now, we make clothes that will be in style forever. This helps cut down on the amount of times consumers buy and discard their clothes to keep up with current trends.

We sell pre-loved clothes that are already in amazing condition and up-cycle the clothing that is less than amazing into something new and sure to be loved. Every product we create is one of a kind and is given anew life from the previous life it had. We do this in many ways including embroidering quotes and images on used clothes, dying materials with natural food dyes, painting, and reconstructing clothes that already exist into something new. We also support local artists by commissioning them to create pieces of artwork on clothing items.

We are a circular sustainable fashion company. This means that we accept donations of your used clothing no matter the condition and whether or not you bought the item from us. We want to save your clothing from ending in the landfill, so no matter what you donate we will find a great use for it to be loved again, and again. 

Visit us at community events and markets to see our one-of-a-kind sustainable products. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @anewclothing for updates on what we are up to!

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