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Local Artists

We commission local artists to create art on pre-loved clothing. As a company, we believe in supporting creatives and allowing them to bring their ideas to lives. We give them complete creative freedom in what they create which allows each of their personal styles to shine through. We love getting to see what they create, and are even more excited to share it with you! Click here to see a gallery of some of their amazing work! Here are the local artists we have worked with already. Feel free to learn more about them and connect with them on their socials. 


Hannah Mullane

My name is Hannah, I am 19 and a student! I go to Thomas More University for psychology and am a sophomore. I have seven siblings and was homeschooled with all of them through middle and high school. Along with painting, I love to sew and play music. I am excited to have a part to play in the growth of this amazing company! Connect with me on Instagram @h_mullane_


Trent Redmon

Trent Redmon is a 26 year old visual artist from Burlington, Kentucky. He holds a BA in Studio Art from Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, and is currently working on a Master of Arts in Teaching at Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine. He specializes in drawing and painting, often utilizing a combination of oil-based paint marker and acrylic paint to create zany, colorful and chaotic compositions made up entirely of cartoon faces. These faces are created intuitively, beginning as nothing more than a cluster of organic shapes. His creative practice is heavily inspired by the work of Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf, who also implemented colorful, frenetic cartoon imagery into their pieces.


Facebook @ Trent Redmond Art


Lilith Gerner

My name is Lilith Gerner, I am 17 and I love to make art! I mostly draw or paint portraits, but i also love painting/drawing cartoon characters and nature.

I’m always open to trying anything new with my art and i’m growing everyday.


Instagram @lilith.raven

Facebook @lilith raven gerner


Monstera Boutique

My name is Gillian and I’m a 21 year old local artist! I started painting early 2020 as a hobby and it quickly grew into a passion of mine. I’m currently a senior at Northern Kentucky University, getting my degree in Psychology and Human Services. My favorite things to paint are plants, people, and kitties. If you’d like to check out more of my work, my art page is on Instagram!


Instagram @Monstera_Boutique



My name is Kierstin Coldiron and I am a 20 year old self-taught artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. Art has been my passion since the moment I first held a pencil. I grew up with a love for creating artwork and I am constantly trying new avenues to further my abilities and work towards building a career. Currently, I'm attending the Art Academy of Cincinnati and I also sell my work on Etsy! 

Instagram @artbykierstin

eleanor best.jpeg

Eleanor Best

My name is Eleanor Best, I’m a sixteen year-old who loves to create art, sing, and perform! I’ve been painting for as long as I can remember, but that quickly flourished into sewing, singing, playing instruments, sculpting, and a whole lot more. I love my pets, my friends, my family, and being able to create art that I love.

Instagram @theverybestart

Anna Engelmen

Hello! My name is Anna Engelman. I enjoy sewing, baking, jewelry making, painting, sketching and literally anything artsy. You name it, I'll make it!

Are you a local artist or know someone who would be interested in partnering with Anew Clothing?

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