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Pre-Loved Clothing Pickup

Do you have clothing you do not wear and want to get rid of? 

We offer local pickup of your unwanted clothing! This is available for those who reside in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati Area. 

We will accept any kinds of clothing, but we especially love gently used clothing. Please refrain from giving us any other items besides clothing and gently used shoes.


1. Fill out the form, and we will contact you to schedule a no contact pick-up.

2. Wash the clothing you will be giving us and put them in a container.


3. When it is the day of your pickup, place the container of clothes on your porch.

4. We will arrive and take the clothing and put them in our own boxes and return your containers in the same visit.

5. Pick up your containers from your porch, and smile. You just got rid of unwanted clothes with ease. Now they will be give anew life for someone else to love.

Schedule a Clothing Pickup

Fill out the following form, to schedule a no contact pickup of your pre-loved clothing! Once you fill it out, we will contact you to schedule a time and day to pick up your clothing.

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